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Apple "Nachos" (Manzanachos)


2 Sliced Granny Smith apples topped with white & dark chocolate, caramel & strawberry syrup. Add your choice of toppings!


Manzanachos 2.jpg

Manzana loca


Chamoy apple, shredded carrot, cucumber, & jicama. Japanese peanut, chili dried mango, chamoy and lime


Apple slices with caramel & sea salt


2 Sliced Granny Smith apples topped with caramel and sea salt 


Caramel & Salt 2.jpg
Manzana Loca 2.jpg




Ensalada Bionico 2.jpg
Ensalada de Frutas 2.jpg

Fruit salad "Bionico"


1 Lb. of fruit & toppings of your choice!


Fruit Salad "Picosita"


1 Lb. of fruit of your choice, with chamoy, tajin, lime and salt.


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