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It is important to project a fresh, professional, conservative, and well-groomed appearance at all times maintaining the highest standards of personal hygiene.

Avoiding the extreme and the excessive in all areas of dress and grooming is the key to complying with this policy.

  1. Is required to comply with the Department of Health’s Codes and Regulations.

  2. During business hours, anyone working at Famous Apples is expected to present a clean and neat appearance and to dress according to the requirements of their positions.

Associates who are inappropriately dressed or groomed will be sent home and directed to return to work in proper attire. Such associates will not be compensated for the time away from work. Associates will also be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination for violating the grooming standard policy.



  • Hair must be clean, well-groomed, styled away from face.


  • Staff must have their hair tied back if long to shoulder length.

  • Use uniform visors (customer service) or hair nets (culinary) at all times.     


  • Faux-Hawk, Mo-Hawk are not allowed, nor are initials, lettering or designs of any kind in hair.

  • Hair must be away from the face presenting a well-groomed appearance at all times.

Facial Hair:

  •  Men are required to shave every day. No 5 o’clock shadows.

  •  Mustaches must be neat and well-groomed.


Fingernails for Men and Women

  • Nails must be clean, trimmed and well-manicured.

  • Nails must be in moderate in length (no longer than ¼ inches), and neatly shaped at all times. The nail should not be so long that it is distracting and unprofessional. (Nail Shapes permitted – square, square oval or squoval, rounded and oval. No other shapes are acceptable)

  • Nail polish colors must be neutral and natural tones.

  • Decals, nail designs or ornaments are not permitted.


Food & Beverage

     All associates working in a direct food & beverage role are not permitted, due to Health Code requirements:

  • NO acrylic, fake nails, or nail polish Personal Hygiene

  • Makeup and cologne/perfume must be lightly applied.

  • Perfumes, colognes, and aftershave may be used moderately.

  • The use of cosmetics must be moderate and natural in appearance; no extreme colors or applications are permitted. 

  • Lipstick must be natural, neutral or a moderate red color.

  • Associates are recommended to brush their teeth or use mouth freshener after having cigarettes.

  • Chewing of gum is not allowed.

  • Food & Beverage are not permitted to wear false eyelashes.



  • Name Tags are part of the uniform and must be worn, except for Kitchen associates. It is to be worn at all times during the work shift and is to be worn on the left-hand side. This name tag also identifies you as an associate to our guests should they need help or assistance.

  • Only plane band wedding ring.

  • Face, nose, tongue or other visible body piercing must be removed before commencing every shift.

  • Earrings must be appropriate in size no larger than a nickel.

  • Eyeglasses must be conservative in color and style.



  • Tattoos must be covered at all time during working hours.



  • From your own: Plain color t-shirt & black pants or jeans, special non-slippery shoes. No ragged pants are allowed.

  • Famous Apples will provide Apron and visor.

All associates using a uniform must wear properly at all times.

  • All uniforms must be clean, ironed and presentable, they must be in good condition and fit properly.

  • Uniforms should not be altered in any way and worn properly.

  • Hats or hairnets are required at all times for the culinary team.

  • No type of head covering (i.e., scarves, hats, etc.) may be worn unless part of the uniform.

  • Shoes must be non-slip sole and non-skid to avoid injury.

  • Shoes must be well polished and in good condition at all times.

  • Sweaters or cardigans may be worn but must coordinate with the uniform and under the apron.

     NON-UNIFORM Associate who wears their own clothes should ensure that they are suitable for work purposes.


The following should be avoided:

  • Low ride pants, culottes, leggings or jeggings are not permitted.

  • Tennis shoes, Sandals, thongs, platform shoes, moccasins, and other similar footwear are unsafe and not permitted.

  • Jumpsuits, Leather pants, spandex, stirrup pants, leggings, yoga pants, suede, leather or corduroy material, leather or string ties, hoodies, patches on jacket sleeves or ski/sport jackets are not permitted • Midriffs may not be exposed.

  • Shorts, short culottes, and similar casual apparel are not acceptable work apparel.

  • Hats or T-shirts with decals or logos other than Famous Apples are not permitted.

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